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Map courtesy of the  Bishop's House Bed and Breakfast, Easton, Maryland  The Bishops House, 214 Goldsborough Street,  Easton, MD 21601 800-223-7290 & 410-820-7290. E-mail: bishopshouse@bishopshouse.com

Beginning in Easton, Cycling to Oxford & St. Michaels, Returning to Easton - 35.4 MILES

1.  Start at The Talbot County Court House on Washington Street

2.  0.0 mile mark -- Proceed south on Washington Street away from the courthouse

3.  0.1 mile mark -- the Historical Society of Talbot County

4.  0.6 mile mark -- the Third Haven Meeting House - Built in 1682 and believed to be the oldest framed building dedicated to religious meetings still existing in America. The Meeting House was built at the headwaters of the Tred Avon; many people came by boat to attend the monthly all-day meetings. Two years were consumed in its construction, as the timbers had to be hewn with a broadaxe and finished with tools available at that time. Among the builders was William Southeby, said to be the first native American to write against slavery. Sunday morning meetings at 10:00 A.M.

5.  0.7 mile mark -- Peachblossom Road

6.  1.0 mile mark -- Left on Dutchman's Lane

7.  1.5 mile mark -- Route 50, Cross Route 50, staying on Dutchman's Lane

8.  3.4 mile mark -- "T" intersection with Manadier Road -- turn right

9.  4.4 mile mark -- Boston Cliff Road, Bear right, staying on Manadier Road

10.  5.8 mile mark -- Landing Neck Road -- Turn Right

11.  7.3 mile mark -- Route 50 (yes Route 50 again) -- Cross over Route 50, bearing left after crossing Route 50, Landing Neck Road becomes Route 565

12.  9.9 mile mark -- Almshouse Road -- Turn Right

13.  12.2 mile mark -- Route 333  -- Turn Left
(There is traffic here, so please be careful and use the bike lane)

14.  15.1 mile mark -- Oxford Cemetery (a nice place to take a short break)

15.  15.5 mile mark -- the Oxford town limit -- here Route 333 becomes Morris Street

16.  15.6 mile mark -- Oxford Community Center

17.  15.8 mile mark -- Oxford Inn & Pope's Tavern

18.  16.1 mile mark -- Oxford Market

19.  16.4 mile mark -- Oxford-Bellevue Ferry ($4.00 per bicycle, one way) -- Located at the end of Morris Street in Oxford, the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry is believed to be the oldest continuously operating, "free" running ferry in the United States. The ferry was authorized in 1683 by the Talbot County Court, to be run by Robert Royston "for horses and men." The original ferry was a scow propelled by sails. In later years, the sail was replaced by a large sweep oar and then by steam in the form of a tug to push the ferry. Diesel power was introduced in 1938 by Captain Bill Benson. Ferry operates April-November with continuous crossings every 25 minutes Monday - Friday 7 AM - Sunset, Saturday & Sunday 9 AM - Sunset. Extended operating hours during June, July & August until 9 PM. (Ferry opens mid-April).

20.  Cross the Tred Avon River on the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry - twenty-five minutes between trips and each trip is a twenty-five minute opportunity to see the beautiful Tred Avon

21.  16.6 mile mark -- proceed South on Bellevue Road from the ferry landing

22.  19.8 mile mark -- Left on Route 329 at the "T" in Royal Oak (Oak Creek Sales on left)

23.  20.8 mile mark -- Left on Route 33 at the "T" -- (Traffic again, use the bike lane)
Route 33 becomes Talbot Street in St. Michaels

24.  23.1 mile mark -- St. Michaels Sign

25.  23.9 mile mark -- St. Michaels Town Office (Public Restrooms)

26.  24.0 mile mark -- Turn Right on Mill Street and continue to the end of the street

27.  24.2 mile mark -- Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum-turn around and parking

28.  24.4 mile mark -- Left on Talbot Street

29.  24.6 mile mark -- St. Michaels Post Office

30.  29.6 mile mark -- Pass Route 329

31.  32.1 mile mark -- Turn Left on Route 370

32.  32.2 mile mark -- Turn Right on Glebe Road (blacktop road)

33.  4.5 mile mark -- Cross over the Easton Parkway

34.  35.1 mile mark -- Marlboro Avenue

35.  35.2 mile mark -- Glebe Road becomes Washington Street at the "Y"

36.  35.3 mile mark -- Pass Bay Street

37.  35.4 mile mark -- End of the loop at The Talbot County Court House on Washington Street

Map courtesy of the Bishop's House Bed and Breakfast, Easton, Maryland  The Bishops House, 214 Goldsborough Street,  Easton, MD 21601 800-223-7290 & 410-820-7290. E-mail: bishopshouse@bishopshouse.com

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